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Donation Compensation
« on: February 19, 2021, 04:32:15 AM »

The long wait is over for our generous donators in the server. You may claim your compensation donation starting today. Please see the following instruction below:

1. Ensure that you still have your previous transaction with us. Example: Previous conversation or Proof of donation from the previous FreedomRO server.
2. Send us an email thru

Ign :
Total Donation Amount:
Uploaded receipt:

3. Read our Terms & Condition for the donation compensation.
Donation Compensation Terms and Condition.
3.1 Players should be actively playing in-game.
3.2 30% of total donation will be received but account bound. (This will help us to maintain the economy of the server. Send us a message on our Facebook Page, discord, or Personal Facebook for further details.)
Donation Compensation Amount:

50-100k / 30% total  = 3-4 gives
30-49k / 30% total = 3 gives
10-29k  /30% = 2 gives
1-10k / 30% = 1 gives

We will be asking for your kind consideration and cooperation about this matter. We highly appreciate and we are so grateful for the support that you've been doing since 2013. Now, we will ask again for your cooperation to make this possible by making our economy balance for non-donators.

For new donators, you may check out this link for further details.

Disclaimer: We are not forcing players to donate, and it is not mandatory. We still encourage players to farm in the server. This will help us to make our server moving and have a balanced economy.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be more than happy to assist 🙂
Enjoy playing!